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"If you wouldn’t build a home on a cracked foundation, why would you build a business on one?

A cracked foundation is damaged, weakened, unstable, and flimsy. When you think about building a home, you think about how solid the foundation is. You want to know if the platform you are building your home on is sturdy enough to build upon. You wouldn’t build a home on a foundation that seems to be damaged or weak because you know there is a higher chance that the home will fall in due time." - Brittany Yates

With that said when building your ecommerce store, we need to look at your store as a home. We want to make sure that your home is built on a solid foundation, we want to make sure it is nicely decorated, sturdy, and appealing. 

In this package you will recieve a store that will have the solid structure and strong foundation.

This includes tasks such as: 

  1. Setting up the general settings:
    - Setting up the refund policy & TOS (Terms of service) policies 
    - SEO info

  2. Installing your store on a sub-domain of our choice OR you’ll get to choose what domain we install your store into If you are on a paid LC plan. Once you share domain access with our team, we will configure your domain to be used with your merchandise store. We will also ensure your domain has a properly installed SSL certificate too. *The buyer will be required for buying the domain from a registrar of their choice and sending us login information.

  3. Printful fulfillment integration

  4. Mailchimp integration
    - Create an exit pop for lead generation

  5. Customizing appearance
    - Selecting theme
    - Uploading logo & favicon
    - Customizing “Contact Page” Form
    - Customizing Brand Colors
    - Customizing Checkout Page

  6. Customizing Navigation Bar
    - Adding Categories


  1. Custom CSS code to match brand
  2. A "How To" video on configuring your store merchant account/payment provider (Stripe and/or paypal) 
  3. A "How To" video on creating products; a product from scratch and POD product

  4. A "How To" video customizing your theme

  5. A "How To" video on connecting payment methon on printful & creating a sample order


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